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RICV 32 - Berck Kite Festival

Four of us went to Berck sur Mer for Rencontre International des Cerfs Volant no 32 for 5 days of basking in the sun. As is to be expected, if you get into the town after about 9:30 parking becomes a bit of an issue, and as we ddn't get there until about 10:15 we had to park in the last space in the sports centre car park about a mile away from the front. But not to worry. It gave us an early chance to soak up the atmosphere, or was it the alcohol?


In the past, we've experienced all sorts of weather in Berck, ranging from 50kph winds, to flat calm, and from freezing cold snow to baking sunshine. Once again this year, it was wall to wall sunshine and light winds. But the winds this year were tricky. On Friday morning while flying in a gentle offshore breeze, the breeze on the ground suddenly swung through 180 degrees to become an onshore breeze. But the wind above about 100ft was still ofshore. The result was that a log of lifters and rays were flying in on direction supporting other kites and line laundry flying in the opposite direction. It was most confusing!

strange winds

Meantime the world sports kite championships were progressing, and the winners were Start Air, the French team, and well deserved champions they were.

banner backdrop

There were very few new kites again this year, but the new Worlds Largest Kite (Hope) was flown regularly in the steady breezes.

worlds largest kite

The Saturday night fireworks were as good as ever, or possibly better.

Fireworks and kites

And with the big wheel (grand roue) in the background, the sunsets were spectacular.

Sunset over Berck

Chilly, very chilly

We haven't visited the east of the county for a long time, so the suggestion was made to spend Easter Sunday at Palm Bay, Cliftonville, near Margate. It's April fool's day, and we may yet turn out to be foolish.

Several of us turned up on a chilly dull afternoon to try and brighten the sky with some colour. Despite the very light winds, we managed to keep kites in the sky from about noon until about 5pm, so ten out of ten for effort. At teh start fo the day , there was sufficient wind to get some inflateable stuff into the sky, but as the afternoon drew on, the wind dropped, and so did the big kites. But we still managed to keep rollers and mega sleds aloft. And as aftrernoon turned to chilly late afternoon, what little breeze there was dropped away to nothing, so graces, and other such light wind kites were tempted out of their bags.

But eventually the cold got to us all and we had to call it a day. Frozen hands  can only be tollerated for so long!

Sunny Walmer by the Sea

Today playmates, we went down to Walmer. It was a glriously sunny day when I left home, but when I got to Dover, there was a thick sea ha and the temperature dropped by at least 5 degrees. However, as I came out of Dover, the sun came out and the temperature rose. So we made it to Walmer in glorious sunshine, and struggled to find anywhere to park as the whole world seemed to have descended on the place. But eventually parked up and out on the grass enjoying the breeze and the warm sun. THen the breeze swung round through 180 degrees, and finally settled down to a sterady blow along the coast.


Indoor Kite Flying?

Yes indeed, you haven't misread that. Indoor Kite Flying is the name of the game. So how does that work? Well the kites are made from extremely light materials, the sail cloth has very very low porousity (so the air molecules don't get through) and you fly the kite wither by walking, running or just tugging the line, depending on the type of kite


Monsters on a beach

Sunday 19th February saw a few of us head down to th ecoast to fly some kites. There was much discussion about exactly where we should go. Should it be Greatstone, or Romney, or Lydd, or Lydd-on-Sea or Dungeness? In the end, we found a car park at somewhere called The Lade. And depending on who you speak to it is one of the above! But who cares, we had fun.


AGM Postponed

Hello, I haven't been here for a while, but I have some important news for you

If you have been hiding under a rock for the last few days, you will have missed some rather unpleasant weather. But as a result, our AGM has had to be postponed, so that we don't lose any of our members in snow drifts.

The new date for the AGM is 6th May 2018

I rather hope to be able to make more frequent appearances this year.

Happy 2017

Hi all, we've been away for a while, but welcome into a new year. The original plan was to go out flying on New Year's Day. But unfortunately the weather gods were determined to keep us tucked up indoors. However, those nice men at the Met Office promised us much better conditions for bank holiday Monday, and for once they got it right.