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Damp and dreary Dunstable

This weekend saw Dunstable Kite Festival 2018. Unfortunately this year's event was blighted by the weather. After weeks of hot dry weather, conditions finally broke on Saturday 28th July. Overnight rain was followed by temperatures that had dropped by about 10 degrees. But the day was bright with considerable cloud cover. However we were to get the occasional heavy shower.

This year we were joined by Kite Passion kite team from Germany. But a distinct lack of anchor points in the arena meant we had to leave them flying alone for most of the day. Simon did breifly fly his octopus, and later we had a bunny and spinner suspended beneath his smiley face. But one of the heavy showers sent us running for cover. And when we did relaunch the face, it quickly made for the nearest tree, so that ended our entertainment for the day.

Meanwhile, our german friends who had been flying a stack of fish, under a 4 metre pilot switched to a maxi ray, which flew eratically for a while before crashing to the ground. They switched back to the fish which flew very eratically as the winds increased, until finally sweaping the ground and the pilot ending up in the crowds.

Sunday started with a pilots' meeting in the visitor centre during the heavy rain. The decision was made to continue, but the German fliers would not be flying so that they didn't have to fly home with wet kites. However the wind was even stronger than Saturday, and the driving rain made the decision for us, that we wouldn't be flying any show kites. I did breifly fly one of Jilly Pelham's kites, and Gerty did put out half a dozen ladybirds, which qucikly became waterlogged.

So after hanging around for an hour or so, the weather showed no sign of abating, and having made the obligatory purchase from SkyBums, I decided to call it a day and head for home, reflectin on a pleasant but damp weekend. Despite it all, the scenery is spectacular. Enjoy a very short video of Gerty's ladybirds.

Hot day in Tonbridge

Today, a couple of us went over to Tonbridge park to fly some kites. It was a pretty windless day, but we still managed to put some colour into the air.


RICV 32 - Berck Kite Festival

Four of us went to Berck sur Mer for Rencontre International des Cerfs Volant no 32 for 5 days of basking in the sun. As is to be expected, if you get into the town after about 9:30 parking becomes a bit of an issue, and as we ddn't get there until about 10:15 we had to park in the last space in the sports centre car park about a mile away from the front. But not to worry. It gave us an early chance to soak up the atmosphere, or was it the alcohol?


Kites on the Beach 2018

Welcome to Walmer. For the third year we have supported this one day event organised by Walmer Parish Council, and once again it has been a great success. This year, the wind was coming in off the sea from the east and was beautifully smooth and clean and steady all day long.


Chilly, very chilly

We haven't visited the east of the county for a long time, so the suggestion was made to spend Easter Sunday at Palm Bay, Cliftonville, near Margate. It's April fool's day, and we may yet turn out to be foolish.

Several of us turned up on a chilly dull afternoon to try and brighten the sky with some colour. Despite the very light winds, we managed to keep kites in the sky from about noon until about 5pm, so ten out of ten for effort. At teh start fo the day , there was sufficient wind to get some inflateable stuff into the sky, but as the afternoon drew on, the wind dropped, and so did the big kites. But we still managed to keep rollers and mega sleds aloft. And as aftrernoon turned to chilly late afternoon, what little breeze there was dropped away to nothing, so graces, and other such light wind kites were tempted out of their bags.

But eventually the cold got to us all and we had to call it a day. Frozen hands  can only be tollerated for so long!

Of Palm Bay and Tonbridge

Two entirely different bu enjoyable afternoons flying. Firstly Peter and I went to Palm Bay, near Cliftonville and spent an afternoon flying kites of all shapes and sizes and chatting with the public, then Gerty and I went to Tonbridge and spent an afternoon waiting for the wind to arrive. Eventually it did and we got some kites in the air.


Indoor Kite Flying?

Yes indeed, you haven't misread that. Indoor Kite Flying is the name of the game. So how does that work? Well the kites are made from extremely light materials, the sail cloth has very very low porousity (so the air molecules don't get through) and you fly the kite wither by walking, running or just tugging the line, depending on the type of kite