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Size IS important

On Sunday 18th November we decided to go to The Lade (Lydd-on-Sea) for a fly in. The forecast was for a bright day, so expectations were high. As I drove past Camber, I noticed that the flags were horizontal, the wind was directly offshore, and the car park used by the kite surfers was almost empty. Sure enough, coming along coast drive towards the car park, there were lots of kite surfers plaing far out on the sea at low tide. This probably meant that the carpark would be full, and there wouldn't be room to fly, even if anyone had anything that could take the wind. Arriving at the carpark, it was closed, something to do with a film crew arriving, so we had to park on the road.

But it wasn't particularly crowded, there seemed to be quite a lot of surfers out, but not a huge number of cars on the road. Simon and Len were already there, taking full advantage of the conditions, or at least trying to. Simon had a Peter Lynn pilot up supporting a spinner, and also a chinese octopus. Both kites were struggling in the conditions. The kites were being overpowered and flying themselves into the ground.

Mike and Barbara were also there, and it was great to see Mike out again after a bout of illness. It has not been a great year for Mike having suffered several consecutive bouts of illness, so it was really good to see him. Bill and Peter also came along to make up a squad of Kent Kite Flyers enjoying an afternoon of bright sunshine.

Why does size matter? well in these conditions, small is beautiful. The first kite I tried to fly was a Brookite Pockite. It is only probably 1.5 sq ft in sail area, but was being completely overpoewered by the wind. So the second attempt was with an HQ pockite, which is probably under a squere foot in area, and after a couple of false starts, it inflated and stayed in the air for the rest of the afternoon.

When Simon decided to bring down his kites, Peter decided to try to fly his anchor bag. Very reminiscent of a much more windy day at Ostend Kite Festival when some German kite flyers decided to fly a camping chair.

We all left at about 3pm when the sun started to drop and take the temperature with it.

HQ Pockite

Peter's new kite



Kite rescue in Woodchurch

Sunday 4th November saw 3 of us arrive at Woodchurch to fly some kites. It was a warm bright afternoon, with a gentle breeze to start with.


What a perfect day (well almost)

Sunday 9th September saw three of us arrive at Palm Bay near Margate for a pre-Dieppe fly. It was kind of a last minute thing, but the conditions proved to be pretty good. We managed to put some colour into the sky and had lots of interest shown from the passing public, including a lady and her daughter from Larkfield who had come to Palm Bay for a bike ride and spent most the the time chatting and photographing kites. Sorry if we ruined your afternoon Agneska!


Martin Corrie Memorial Fly 2019

Sunday 7th October saw some of us joining our friends from East Anglian Kite Flyers on the Greensward at Frinton-on-Sea for the annual kite fly in memory of the late Martin Corrie, ex chairman of Suffolk Kite Flyers.


Kites up the Creek 2018

The weekend of 1st/2nd September 2018 saw us take part in Kites up the Creek at Milton Creek Country Park in Sittingbourne. This is becoming an annual event in a pretty little country park bordering the Sittinbourne and Kemsley Light Railway


Dieppe International Kite Festival 2018

As usual we planned to arrive on Wednesday, right in the middle of the festival. However this time one of us arrived at about 5:30 am, having taken the overnight ferry from Newhaven, whilst the rest of us arrived at a much more leisurely 6:30 pm having taken a late ferry from Dover and a gentle drive in the persistent drizzle. In total there were 13 KKF members attending, and our numbers were supplemented by two members from Essex Kite Group.


Bognor Regis Kite Festival 2018

Bank holiday weekend saw the 4th Bognor Regis Kite Festival. Following various issues, trials and tribulations during the months leading up to the event, the festival had moved from its original home at West Park to a new venue at King George V playing Fields in Felpham. I have to say the new venue is much bigger and better, even if the winds proved to be challenging during the weekend. As small contingent from KKF attended for the whole weekend, to be joined by a couple of day trippers on the Saturday and Monday.