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  • Light up the Sky for SIN

     Well now I've got your attention, that should be CIN, or Children in Need. Saturday 15th November saw us flying kites at night for this wonderful charity. Though we have to admit it was a bit touch and go at times. 

    Saturday started with heavy rain and dull, overcast skies. By shortly aftr lunchtime, the committe had decided to abandon any hope of the weather clearing and decided to call off the event. Then, about mid-afternoon, the skies over Walmer cleared and the event was back on. So several of us headed to the Strand at Walmer to light up the sky with kites. The problem was ther was no wind. No matter, we can always create a gound display, so various poles and things were erected with assorted lighting systems on them.
    As darkness fell, the skies became exceedingly black. A breeze picked up, and a couple of people lofted their kites into the sky. The sky responded by throwing rather a lot of rain at the ground. We were soon drenched, but our spirits were not dampened.
    The clouds broke up a bit and the rain stopped, so a few more kites were lofted into the sky. the most magnificent, and brightest being a rather impressive bycicle. Meanwhile the Walmer public also came out in force to throw money into our collecting bucket. It was rather more like a wishing well by now though.
    At about 7 we decided to pack up, clear up and head for the warmth to count the money. For several of us, the initial warmth was provided by the local fish and chip shop!
    So to the important bit. In total, we raised £129.55 for Children in Need. £41.08 was contributed by colleagues of Gerty, the rest came from members, and the generosity of the people of Walmer. Well done everyone!


  • Kite Altitude Record Attempt

    Kite life may be a bit quiet here in the UK, but across the other side of the world, a team of 4 intrepid kitists have been attempting to break the world altitude record for a single kite. They achieved their aim in September, reaching over 16,000 feet above ground level. The record is yet to be ratified, but they deserve congratulations for their attempt.

    You can read their story here

    Meanwhile several of our members have headed off to warmer climes to attend the Fuerteventura kite festival. We hope everyone has an enjoyable trip, especially those making the journey for the first time. I'm sure they will come back with a slightly deaper tan than the rest of us!

  • KKF Light up the Sky

    Sunday 10th November saw KKF flying illuminated kites at the Strand, Walmer as part of Light up the Sky in aid of the BBC Children in Need appeal. following days of high winds and heavy rain, it did not look too promising. But the hardy crew of Kent Kite Flyers spent their time well preparing kites and other things ready for the event.

    Fortunately Sunday dawned a bright if somewhat chilly day with a good breeze and cloudless sky. So we descended on Walmer during the afternoon to fly and prepare for when the sun set. A good turn out of members meant we were assured of a pretty good display. And with the wind dropping as the sun set, it meant that kites that had been unstable and struggling during the afternoon settled into their task.


    The moon was up early to provide a backdrop to the flying. And as the light faded away, so the lights on kites became more conspicuous. And so motorists started to pull up to watch, and people out on walks extended their walk a bit to find out what was going on. Apparently we were easily visible from the pier, and one couple walked about 2 miles to find out what we were doing. A lot of interest from the public then, including an entire family coming out to watch, includng children in their jim jams!


    We finished at about 7pm, to the disappointment of a few who were still coming out to watch. But by then we were cold and battery packs were starting to deteriorate. After a count, our treasurer tells us we raised a total of £52.28. But more important than the money is the look of joy on a little boy's face as he flies a kite with lights on.

    The video is best viewed full screen.