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  • Something Old Something New

    On Sunday 11th December 2017 a few of us turned up at Tonbridge park to fly some kites. It was a gloriously sunny day, but there was very little wind. However we made the best of the conditions.

    First of all, the something new. A couple of weeks ago, I saw some photos posted on facebook by Monica Lou of Weifang Kaixuan Kite Company. They were of a rather large rabbit. It looked nice, but I thought nothing more about it. Then a few days later, I saw a video of one of them in flight, and realised that I needed one. I knew that one of our other members was interested, so asked Monica for the price. They seemed an excellent price, so I ordered two. A few days later, Monica confirmed that the kites had been built and shipped, and on Friday 11th December, that nice man from Federal Express left a parcel.

    So Saturday was going to be the maiden flight of two rabbits. As I said, the wind was very light, so the lifter performed quite well with just one rabbit on the line, but adding the other was to prove challenging. Still. Never mind, they both got aired

    Then Bill had arrived with the kite collection from Peter Reardon. Peter had died a couple of years ago, and his daughter had donated his collection of kites to the club. These kites dated back to the 70s, so were real old school stuff, but in very good condition and very colourful. The object of the excersize was to fly as many as we could so that Bill could photograph them. So we spent a pelasant hour or so putting together these masterpieces and getting them in the air again. There were a couple of real classic here, and I'm sure they will find new homes quickly.

  • Marie Dane

    In late November, we heard that Marie Dane of Go-Kites had suffered a bleed to the brain. Apparently it was rated grade 5, which is about as bad as it gets. However, since then, the news has been a lot more positive. Her recovery progress has  exceeded all expectations. It sounds like Marie is not the perfect patient, but her grit and determination have lead the staff to call her Miracle Marie.

    At the moment, we understand that Marie is able to walk a few paces with the assistance of physiotherapists, and is gaining strength. She is due to transfer to another hospital for an intensive physiotherapy regime to set her on the journey to get home.

    We wish Marie and Tony all the best for a speedy and full recovery from all at Kent Kite Flyers.

  • Camber for a change

    It has been a long time since we've been to Camber for a fly. Following the wonderful weather we have been experiencing recently, finding a site inland that iosn't a swamp is becoming tricky, so Matt suggested we meet at Camber on Sunday 29th December.

    The day was bright and sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky, so a few of us made the trip and arrived to find the car park full to the brim. Some had to use the other car park further along the road. Whilst a slightly further walk, the charges were much the same. The first thing to note was the amount of wet sand around. Those of you unfamiliar with the area, Camber normally has an amount of sand blown off the dunes onto the roadway, but today most of the buildings had sand apparently glued to their walls.

    Onto the beach, and it was quote crowded, but fortunately the tide was right out. Matt and Steve were already there, Steve flying his Chinese rev-a-like. So we settled in for an afternoon of flying. The breeze was a lot stronger than I expected, so my car full of light wind kites wasn't going to work too well. I did have a Talon to play with, so gave that a spin, butmy timing is well off at the moment - must get out more!

    Gerty turned up, having just driven back from Portsmouth, and Will arrived to take some photos. The Kit-Kat cafe was packed and the beach was busy. Matt helped a couple of people struggling with a stunt kite with a badly set bridle. We all flew a bit and nattered a bit. I managed to try out the high aspect ratio delta I'd built, though the breeze was perhaps a bit strong. The plans suggested using 8mm carbon, but I only had 6mm to hand, so the leading edges looked a bot too flexible. Should work well in a very light air though.

    And so the sun decided to hide behind the bank of clouds out to sea. With that the temperature dropped, and we decided to head off home. We're not sure where we will fly on new years day, always assuming it stops raining long enough. Suggestions were White Horse Country Park on top of the down at Detling, or back to Camber, thoug we will all need bank loans to pay for the car park. Lets see what the weather holds. I've got a couple of projects on the go, so have plenty to keep me occupied if we can't get out.

  • Socially acceptable

    Its been a bit quiet in here recently, but that's because Christmas is coming and we're all tied up doing other things. So kite making/flying sometimes takes second or third place in th elist of priorities. But the following is a quick catch up on activities over the last couple of weeks.

    Sunday 1st December saw the British Kite Flying Association AGM in London. A small turn out included two representatives from Kent Kite Flyers. Not a lot to report really. There is a minor change to the Risk Assessment, primarily to do with using road pins as arena markers at events. Its also sad to note that there will not be any kiting event resurrected at Old Warden. The site owners just aren't interested.

    Saturday 6th December saw the first KKF social event, a club Christmas dinner. Now several of us have had Christmas dinner together in restaurants dotted around Kent and northern France, but this was the first time that all members were invited. The event was held at Brogdale, and I'm told it went very well. Unfortunately I couldn't attend as I had a prior engagement. Apparently the afternoon's festivities were preceded by kite flying and followed by illuminated kite flying of the Singapore variety! From what I understand all attendees had a good time

    And finally, it is with some sadness that I have to advise the passing of Henry Bullock OBE. Henry was a club member for many years. When his eyesight deteriorated, he would usually be transported to fly-ins by Alvin Hill. Eventually Henry decided that his health was not up to making the journeys, so he left the club, but kept in touch. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

  • Christmas is coming

    Hi, There's not been an update for a couple of weeks now, and that's for several reasons. Mainly, because there is currently very little going on. The kite flying season is well and truly over, and our thoughts are starting to turn towards winter projects and the coming year.

    Winter projects

    Are you building something in the kite or wind toy arena? I am. I've got a sail cut out and need to start sewing. That's what long winer evenings are all about. I haven't landed on a design to applique yet, but I have several ideas. If you're building something, why not let our newsletter editor have some details? You can get in touch with him at

    Next year

    While we're sitting here in the dark and damp, its nice to think of warmer places to be. Unfortunately several kite festivals have already "bit the dust" and several more are "at risk". But we do know of some going ahead. Keep an eye on our calendar for events we're participating in, or for a wider selection, take a look at kite calendar. Personally, I'm expecting to go to Berck and Dieppe (in France), Margam Park (in Wales) and Teston (in Kent). I might try to get to Oostende (Belgium), and if they are confirmed, Brighton, Peterborough and Portsmouth. If you happen to be at any festivals and see someone wearing KKF clothing, why not pop along and say hello. We don't bite!

    This weekend

    This weekend sees the clubs Christmas Dinner at Brogdale. So there won't be a fly in as such, but members attending are free to fly before the meal. Hope everyone enjoys it.

    That's about it for now. See you when I come out of hibernation. Oh, by the way. If you like cracker jokes, pop over to our forum for a daily dose of Christmas "humour"