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Up Milton Creek - bring your own paddle

Kris used to be a ranger at Capstone Park, and also a keen kite flyer (before Children came along).Since last year he has been green spaces ranger for Swale Borough Council, and one of the parks he is responsible for is Milton Creek Country Park. It's a strange little place, hidden behind houses, you wouldn't know it was there unless you knew it was there! But once you find it, its a fabulous open space, fairly flat, and opens out onto the creek and the Swale estuary. So with the winds coming off the estuary, they're alsmost guaranteed to be pretty smooth.

Kris has been trying to promote greater use of the park and invited us along to try to attract public in. Sunday 23rd October was agreed as a suitable day, being the start of half term week, and clearly the weather gods had been suitably bribed as conditions were just about perfect. The wind in the morning was a little brisk, but it settled down in the afternoon to give a goo day of kite flying in glorous sun.

We succeeded in getting some people into the park who would never normally step out, just because they had seen the kites and wondered what was going on. We even managed to put some strings in the hands of innocent bystanders to help get them started on the road to enjoying the hobby. There are a lod of photos from the day on the Friends of Milton Creek facebook page here. In addition, we have our own album on our facebook page here. And to roun dit off, you can find some more on my Flickr stream here.

But for those of you who can't be bothered with all that clicking and linking, here are a couple from the day. Don't forget that, weather permitting, we will be invading the green by the bandsand in Walmer on Saturday afternoon and evening to raise money for Children in Need by lighting up the sky with kites.