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Light up the Ground

Sometimes its just no meant to be. We did our best, but the weather gods were determined to beat us. But fortunately they failed!

Saturday 29th October saw us on the sea front at Walmer lighting up the sky for Children in Need. But unfortunately, despite the predicted wind, there was absolutely none. So we set up a ground display instead and lit up the ground. try as we might, there was no way we were going to get a kite aloft. We tried a couple fo times in the afternoon, but it wasn't to be. So everything staid firmly on the ground getting damp.

But despite the lack of wind, I think we managed to put together a reasonable show. And I guess the people of Walmer and Deal thought so too as those driving by stopped to see what was going on and put spare change into our collecting buckets. So by the end of the evening, we had managed to raise over £60 for the charity, which really isn't a bad effort given the conditions.

Here's a short video of the evening, which was, of course, rounded out with fish and chips from the shop next to the Marines club. This really marks the end of the flying season. We don't have any more arranged activities, so will just be meeting up when the weather and home life permits to fly kites in a park near you. See you next summer.