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Sunny Walmer by the Sea

Today playmates, we went down to Walmer. It was a glriously sunny day when I left home, but when I got to Dover, there was a thick sea ha and the temperature dropped by at least 5 degrees. However, as I came out of Dover, the sun came out and the temperature rose. So we made it to Walmer in glorious sunshine, and struggled to find anywhere to park as the whole world seemed to have descended on the place. But eventually parked up and out on the grass enjoying the breeze and the warm sun. THen the breeze swung round through 180 degrees, and finally settled down to a sterady blow along the coast.

Remember that sea ha I mentioned? Well it tried its best to spoil our fun, but it wasn't able to. A couple of times it tried to blwo through and a distinct chill hit us, but it blew through and turned out nice again. Could have done with a tad more wind though.

So we managed to put a variety of colourful kites into the sky, both large and small, and had a lot of favourable comment from the passing public. We'll be back again fairly soon Walmer, further along towards the castle for our kites on the beach day. Hope to see you all there.