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Indoor Kite Flying?

Yes indeed, you haven't misread that. Indoor Kite Flying is the name of the game. So how does that work? Well the kites are made from extremely light materials, the sail cloth has very very low porousity (so the air molecules don't get through) and you fly the kite wither by walking, running or just tugging the line, depending on the type of kite

Sunday 25th March saw Kent Kite Flyers dip a tentative toe in the indoor flying pond. It has been discussed in the past, but we never actually managed to get off the ground (ha ha). But the committee decided to give this a go, and Peter found a school with a sports hall big enough for us to use at a sensible price.

About a dozen members turned up for the experience, and most tried there hand, either using their own kites, or borrowing kites from other members. A good display of different kites was on show, including some American designs, some European, and several far eastern. Feedback is that everyone enjoyed the afternoons experience, adn we hope to include it in our winter calendar in future.



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