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Of Palm Bay and Tonbridge

Two entirely different bu enjoyable afternoons flying. Firstly Peter and I went to Palm Bay, near Cliftonville and spent an afternoon flying kites of all shapes and sizes and chatting with the public, then Gerty and I went to Tonbridge and spent an afternoon waiting for the wind to arrive. Eventually it did and we got some kites in the air.

Firstly Palm Bay. As most members were otherwise engaged, it was just two of us who spent an afternoon in good sunshine on top of the cliffs on the north Kent coast. The breeze was reasonably steady, occasional lulls kept us interested. But most of the time it was strong enough to keep a midi ray and trilobite aloft. In addition we had quite a lot of stick kites in the sky. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon's kite flying, even though peter did break one of the sticks in one of his birds (we did wonder why it was flying off to one side).

Second up was Tonbridge. A very warm afternoon with very little breeze. We did try to keep kites in the sky as much as possible. Then in the late afternoon, the breeze suddenly picked up. It was suddenly too strong for the roller I had been flying, and the skeleton that Gerty had been trying to fly suddenly started misbehaving. So time to quickly change kites and enoy the breeze for a while before heading home.

Here are a couple of pictures from Palm Bay.

A day out a Palm Bay flying kites

A day out a Palm Bay flying kites

A day out a Palm Bay flying kites

This coming weekend, we have two events. Saturday sees us at Kites on the Beach at Walmer. This is the third year for this event. Lets hope for blue skies and clean winds again this year. Sunday we will be holding a memorial fly for lost kite friends at Teston Bridge picnic site. Come and join us if you can.