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Kites on the Beach 2018

Welcome to Walmer. For the third year we have supported this one day event organised by Walmer Parish Council, and once again it has been a great success. This year, the wind was coming in off the sea from the east and was beautifully smooth and clean and steady all day long.

We were not alone. As last year, we were joined by Frank and Daphne from the Essex Kite Group. And this year, Mike Ladd made the journey down from Northampton to join us. And a welcome addition to our numbers they all made. The sky was full of kites from the start of the day until the event finished at 4pm.

For those not familiar with Walmer, The Beach is actually the name of the road that runs along this stretch of coastline from the life boat station to the castle. There is a grass strip between the road and the shingle beach, and public flying takes place on there, whilst the larger kites are flown on the large expanse of shingle. 

Once again we saw large numbers of participants from the local public, who seem to take the event into their hearts. The public flying area is full of easyflyers, eddys and all sorts of small single line kites and the numbers never seem to diminish. Indeed, there were still cars coming onto the site as the event's official end time of 4pm approached. The turn out was excellent given that the day had started out overcast and with a chill to the breeze, the sun only put in an appearance as the day drew to a close.

Another great successful event, lets hope that Walmer Parish Council are encouraged enough to run it again next year, and we can but hope that they may consider turning it into a two day event at some time.

Tomorrow we have a memorial kite fly at Teston Bridge Country Park.