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Bognor Regis Kite Festival 2018

Bank holiday weekend saw the 4th Bognor Regis Kite Festival. Following various issues, trials and tribulations during the months leading up to the event, the festival had moved from its original home at West Park to a new venue at King George V playing Fields in Felpham. I have to say the new venue is much bigger and better, even if the winds proved to be challenging during the weekend. As small contingent from KKF attended for the whole weekend, to be joined by a couple of day trippers on the Saturday and Monday.

Saturday was a bright sunny day, but the winds were inconsistent. A lot of time was spent with material laying on the ground, but it didn't seem to matter to the public who were very complimentary about the display being put on. We had a couple of cockerels on display, but were consistently being wiped out by Brighton's giant blue whale in the swinging breeze.


During the afternoon, we managed to get 4 bunnies to behave themselves long enough to take to the sky, but that was short lived as the wind died once again. But then, just before changing lifters we were hit by, what I understand is called a micro-gust which blew right through the centre of the field. The winds leapt from approximately zero to about 20 mph or more and lasted for about 10 seconds - long enough to break a couple of lifters free, and cause general havoc. The header line being snapped on a mega ray goes with a heck of a bang!


The less said about Sunday the better!. Suffice to say it rained, then rained some more, then poured hard.


Monday, dawned dry but overcast. Pleasantly warm though so we settled in for another day of kite flying. The winds were better than Saturday, the breeze being a little more consistent, but still very lumpy, unless you made the effort to get up around 300 feet. Don't tell me off - we had 1,000 feet clearance. Pete's dragon flew probably the best I have ever seen it! And Barbara's tiger put in an appearance too.


Time to say our thank yous to Dave Mitchell for all his hard work getting the kite flyers together, organising the field, dealing with the never ending council requirements, and politics. Thanks to all others involved in the festival organisation. It was a great event. It seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by the attending public and kite flyers alike. Can we do it again next year please. I'll leave you with a picture of Mike Lowe's fantastic aeolian installation (trying saying that when drunk!)