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What a perfect day (well almost)

Sunday 9th September saw three of us arrive at Palm Bay near Margate for a pre-Dieppe fly. It was kind of a last minute thing, but the conditions proved to be pretty good. We managed to put some colour into the sky and had lots of interest shown from the passing public, including a lady and her daughter from Larkfield who had come to Palm Bay for a bike ride and spent most the the time chatting and photographing kites. Sorry if we ruined your afternoon Agneska!

Peter was flying his midi ray with a large fish nderneath, and I flew a mix of various beijing opera masks. Meanwhile Mike was single handedly filling the sky with single line kites with a wonderful swarm of buzzing bees along with a hexagon that stayed aloft all afternoon.

Whilst conditions were warm and sunny, the wind was decidedly tricky, swinging and blustery it kept us on our toes. Even with two long stakes in the ground, the combination of powersled and two opera masks in the blustery conditions managed to loosen one of them, but there was never any danger of it coming out of the ground. I'll leave you with a couple of photos from the afternoon.

Ship at anchor

Midi Ray

Swarm of bees

Beijing Opera Masks