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Happy New Year


As is traditional, we shook off the Christmas pud, and went out to fly some kites on New Year's day. The forecast was for a good breeze and some sunshine. The reality was a little different...

Four of us braved the conditions to attempt to fly some kites. When I arrived, Peter had already conceded defeat to the strong westerly breeze and brought his manta ray down before it caused damage or injury. As the wind was much stronger than expected, we decided to seek refuge in cars and tuck into some hot drinks while we chatted. Mike and Barbara arrived a little later. The day was still dull and overcast, but someone had to brave the conditions, so I ventured out with an old Premier Kites 56 inch rokkaku. This kite I knew could take the wind, as it has flown in some pretty extreme conditions.

Shortly afterwards I was joined by Mike and Barbara flying a delta and a flotail delta respectively. And finally, as the wind abated a little, Peter decided to fly his manta ray again, and attach a dragon to the line. We flew happily for a while until the sky darkened and the wind whipped up causing the manta ray to hunt across the sky. So we decided that it was time to pack up and head for home.

Thanks to Peter for the photos.


Manta Ray