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Kent Kite Flyers are affiliated with the British Kite Flying Association

COVID19 and kite flying

The British Kite Flying Association has, today (Wednesday 13th May 2020), issued the following guidance on kite flying during the current pandemic. This is based on the Prime Minister's speech on Sunday 10th May 2020

With the recent change in Government advice on the actions to protect our NHS and Save Lives through the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, the committee have considered what advice should be given to kite fliers.  We note that the advice in England is NOT the same in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  We also note that there does appear to be some lack of clarity in the advice although we must acknowledge that advice specific to us is never going to be given, and frankly we wouldn’t ask for it.  The Prime Minister was at pains in the House yesterday to say that the British people will use their common sense.

That in itself does raise the first issue, that whilst you might be flying, socially distanced and taking all recommended precautions, that won’t stop some questioning whether kite flying is ‘sport’ or ‘exercise’ and therefore whether you should be there, notwithstanding any local byelaws which of course still apply.  We need to be mindful of other people’s fears (and for some, enthusiasm for rule enforcement as they see it), and as such we would urge everyone to be kind:  accept their concerns, offer to stop flying and walk away.  Similarly if a crowd starts to gather, take your kite down and walk away.  There will be another day.

DCMS has issued the following advice.

  • We are increasing people’s access to local, outdoor physical activity for the purpose of wellbeing. 
  • This includes outdoors sports courts and facilities. 
  • People will only be able to use these facilities with people from their own households though or by themselves or, as long as they stay 2 metres apart, with one other person from outside their household. 
  • You can only exercise in groups of no more than two, unless you are exclusively with members of your household. 
  • This means that you cannot have five people from one household plus one person from outside the household playing sport together. But you can have two people, from two different households, as long as they are staying two metres apart.
  • It is for individual facilities and organisations to develop their own guidance on reopening, to best fit their own situation, in line with the Government's advice.

Key messages for those wishing to exercise:

  • You can take part in exercise or activity alone or with your household.
  • You can also now meet one person outside of your household to exercise but you must stay two metres apart. 
  • There is a two person limit on gathering to exercise or take part in activity unless you are exercising with your household. 
  • Check in advance if the facilities you want to use have reopened.
  • If exercising in the countryside remember to follow the countryside code and act responsibly.
  • Once you are home remember to wash your hands

BKFA takes the view that they key phrase here is ‘wellbeing’, and we all know the peace and wellbeing that kite flying can promote.

BKFA takes the guidance to mean that you can fly your kites PROVIDED you practice social distancing.  You may fly with others in your own household or with one other person not in your own household, but not both.  If you are with a person from outside your household you must socially distance from that person.

Your insurance through BKFA will be valid provided you are following the Government guidance and you are following the BKFA Code of Conduct which includes the requirement to fly responsibly.