Welcome to the internet home of Kent Kite Flyers, the only general kite flying club in Kent. On this site you will find lots of information about kite flying in general, and Kent Kite Flyers in particular. If you are interested in coming along and giving kite flying a go, why not check out our forum to find out where we are flying. Introduce yourself on the forum or you can just come along. We're a pretty relaxed bunch and will try to make you welcome. Please don't feel shy or inhibited. Even if you have absolutely no experience of flying, we'll try to get you going, and even if you don't have a kite, we can usually find one to let you borrow.

Kent Kite Flyers are affiliated with the British Kite Flying Association

COVID19 and kite flying

The rules and guidance around outdoor activities are being relaxed, which makes it easier for us to meet up again and fly kites. A healthy activity that gets participants out into the fresh air. But we still have to recognise that there is still a risk associated with meetings of groups of people. Therefore we will maintains safe social distancing at all times. If you come along to look at the kites, we will be happy to see you and chat with you, but please respect our wishes to maintain a safe distance.

Thank you