The club formed in the 1990s as South Eastern Kite Society based in Canterbury, Kent. We ran several festivals in Canterbury, the last being in 2001. In the mid 2000s we changed the name of the club to Kent Kite Flyers as we felt that South Eastern Kite Society was too pretentious, and also didn’t reflect our location. We continued to fly regularly in Canterbury, but also tried to fly at other locations in Kent.

The club currently has no fixed home, we fly in various locations in Kent, and we try to fly every weekend throughout the year. We mainly fly single line kites, but have several members who fly two line sports kites and 4 line kites. Our motto is “Fly for Fun” and we try to involve unsuspecting members of the public in our activities. We try not to take life too seriously. After all, it is difficult to be taken seriously when flying a 5 metre tall pink bunny!

We no longer have the resources to organise our own festivals, but regularly attend other events in the UK favouring the smaller scale festivals over larger events, and have been supporting Dunstable for several years. Given our proximity to the continent, we also regularly attend events in Northern Europe.


We have a mixed bag of kites, some of which are shown below: