Sunday 2nd August saw us flying once again at the Lade, Lydd-on-Sea. Since our last visit, about a month ago, the council have added double yellow lines near the car park, so we parked about 200 metres towards Dungeness and flew our kites on the beach there.

Arriving at about midday, shortly after Simon and Laura, Len already had two kites in the sky, a flotail, and a whale with two babies. The wind was already pretty strong and gusty, but it was a gloriously sunny afternoon. Soon enough, Simon and Laura had a large pilot in the sky. I think it is about 8 square metres. They proceeded to put a very large spinner underneath it. I think Simon said it was a Premier spinner. I moved down the beach a little and set up to launch my own flow form. This was a kite built by Air Dynamics of the USA, and was sold by Kapshop in Holland. I think Air Dynamics were the only licenced manufacturers of the flowform, and unfortunately no longer exist. This was a flowform 30 (so square feet). I know they also built flowform 16 and flowform 8. I put a blue bunny under the flowform and settled in for the afternoon.

After a while Simon and Laura decided that the large pilot was just too big, so swapped it out for an octopus. Laura asked to borrow my pink bunny, so we soon had two in the sky. Meanwhile Len had attached a spinner below one kite, and had a Jim Rowlands designed caterpillar flying below the other. The plans for the caterpillar are contained in Jim's book "Soft Kites and Windsocks" available to borrow from the club library. The wind speed had been increasing steadily and was soon blowing a steady 8mph gusting to 16. But it was to get stronger.

I went for a wander to look at the boats on the beach. By about 3.30pm the wind was blowing strong enough to make my anchor bag lean dramatically, so we all decided to pack things away. By the time we had cleared everything away the wind had increased to 18mph gusting to 25. Surprisingly, there was still only a light breeze at home when I got home later.

Laura writes:

 It was cloudy, windy summers day in July for me, Simon and new members Tony and Sue to fly our kites together on the south coast of Sussex: Goring on sea.

Despite the current restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, kiteflying is considered a (relatively) safe activity, provided that social distancing is maintained. So on a bright, but chilly Sunday afternoon, several of us decided to go to Mote Park in Maidstone to get some fresh air and fly some kites.. I was slightly surprised to find the car park quite full and a lot more people about than I was expecting. Subsequent government comment seems to suggest that this is not unique, and if it continues, further restrictions may need to be imposed. Let's hope this doesn't happen.

Well kind of.

It has been a very long time since we have been able to fly together as a group. We are still very aware of social distancing guidance, etc., but are happy to be able to gather in the open again, and add some colour to the sky.

Today, I received the following information from BKFA.

BKFA has talked to its insurers about the effects, if any, of the current coronavirus emergency on
our kiteflying insurance policy.

Jerry Swift has produced the attached document and I am sending it round to all member clubs for information.
In essence, it says that kiteflying out of doors is still OK subject the maintenance of a proper distance (2 metres)
between fliers, but indoor activities such as workshops are not OK. All public events should be cancelled but
private and informal events such as fly-ins are permitted subject to the usual precautions and separation.
The document is also available on the website

You can view the document on the BKFA website by following the link.

At Kent Kite Flyers, we rarely fly that close together, and whilst we may stop for a chat, or lunch, or when assisting colleagues, we will normally maintain a safe distance. So we intend to be very british, and keep flying if at all possible through the crisis. We welcome members of the public coming to fly with us, and will do whatever we can to help anyone in difficulty, but would ask that they respect the safe distance.

Meanwhile, sad to report, most kite events up to the end of May are cancelled. Midland Kite Flyers and White Horse Kite Flyers have taken the decision to cancel all club fly-ins until further notice. To see what is on, and what is cancelled, I suggest you take a look at the Kite Calendar, which is the most up-to-date source of information