As a result of a state requirement, the CAA has introduced a complex of danger areas over the English Channel. These danger areas are in place from 31st August to 30th September, but will only be active when required. The danger areas are in force whilst remotely flown aircraft (drones) are operated out of Lydd Airport to monitor the English Channel. One area covers a circle two nautical miles diameter centred on Lydd Airport, whilst another includes the coast at Folkestone and Hythe.

The CAA will try to provide 24 hour notice of the activation of these areas via the notam system, and various aviation radio frequencies (including Lydd Traffic Control) will carry details. Full details of the areas affected are found on the National Air Traffic System website's Temporary Danger Areas page. The document includes a map of the various areas.

Sunday 2nd August saw us flying once again at the Lade, Lydd-on-Sea. Since our last visit, about a month ago, the council have added double yellow lines near the car park, so we parked about 200 metres towards Dungeness and flew our kites on the beach there.

Well kind of.

It has been a very long time since we have been able to fly together as a group. We are still very aware of social distancing guidance, etc., but are happy to be able to gather in the open again, and add some colour to the sky.

Laura writes:

 It was cloudy, windy summers day in July for me, Simon and new members Tony and Sue to fly our kites together on the south coast of Sussex: Goring on sea.

Despite the current restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, kiteflying is considered a (relatively) safe activity, provided that social distancing is maintained. So on a bright, but chilly Sunday afternoon, several of us decided to go to Mote Park in Maidstone to get some fresh air and fly some kites.. I was slightly surprised to find the car park quite full and a lot more people about than I was expecting. Subsequent government comment seems to suggest that this is not unique, and if it continues, further restrictions may need to be imposed. Let's hope this doesn't happen.