What a glorious afternoon for flying kites on the Kent Coast. We managed to keep a sky full of colour for most of the afternoon and into the evening. 

Arriving at about midday, the sun was out, and the wind was blowing offshore. It was pretty strong, but Peter, being a brave soul decide to try flying a midi manta ray. Well it went up, then came down, and did this a few times as it was being overpowered by the vigorous breeze. After bouncing off the ground several times, discretion proved the better part of valour, and he changed for a HQ powersled. Meanwhile I'd already taken the cowards way out and was flying an old Premier powersled 24. It was quite happy to hold onto a couple of bunnies and a sea horse.

Bunnies and Seahorse 

Meanwhile Peter was struggling with the stability of his powersled, so switched over to a Skybums pilot, which flew much better, and was quite happy to support a Chinese dragon.


Soon we were joined by other members, including Mike and Barbara, Niles and his wife (sorry, I'm not going to attempt to spell your name!) and Martin. And we managed to put a reasonable display of kites into the sky. As usual we had good interaction with the public, a lot of people stopping for a chat, and severl, just pulling up in their cars to watch. In the late afternoon Mike had a conversation with a lady who presumably has something to do with the scheduled Turner Prize exhibition later in the year. She seemed keen to involve kites at Palm Bay in the event, so was given our event co-ordinateor's details to figure out the art of the possible.

 Busy sky