Timing seems to be everything with Tonbridge during the winter months. The main area of the park is marked out with numerous football pitches and matches are played on Sunday morning, probably finishing at about 1pm. The result is that from about 11 am until 1pm, finding somewhere to park is pretty difficult, but after 1pm when the footballers disappear it is much easier. So the trick seems to be to arrive early or late. Anyway, when I arrived Steve and Sue were already soaking up the sunshine on a park bench. As usual we set up in the middle of the park and soon had some kites in the air. We were soon joined by Barry and Janet and Mike and Barbara. For Kent Kite Flyers, you'll be surprised to hear that a picnic ensued!

Kite Picnic 

It seemed to be a light wind afternoon, so various light and ultra light kites were flown, including a wala, grace, several phoenixes and a leaf. We did have a couple of people question why we didn't need to run with the kites, and a generally good time was had by all. 

Triple Phoenix 


Falling leaf