We no doubt all remember that Gatwick Airport was closed by drones flying over or near the runway in the lead up to Christmas, and that Heathrow Airport was also temporarily closed bys similar activity shortly afterwards. No doubt we all felt very sorry for the passengers impacted by the closures, the delays to their trips and that maybe some missed seeing family or friends over the Christmas Holiday. So far, no arrests have been made, though police investigations are "ongoing" and airport owners have been forced to improve their detection and response to such activity. The law was about to chainge regarding the registration of drones, and the resultant outcry has led to even more restrictions being imposed.

Now news reaches us of similar activity in Thailand, but this time involving kites. On Matrch 6th it seems that Samui International Airport was closed after severl of the airport's neighbours flew kites in protest at the end of the runway. Apparently, they have been offered compensation for putting up with noise and cracks in walls but some were unhappy with the level of compensation offered. Police and the army were called in, and the protestors were eventually persuaded to bring down the kites when the police offered to mediate a meeting with the airport operators.

Let's not consider this as setting a precedent eh!

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