The weather forecast had suggested that Sunday would be the best afternoon of the weekend. The weather forecast was wrong. But despite the conditions, we still managed to get some kites in the air.

The morning had started misty and cold at home, but Simon was planning to travel from Crawley, so it was only right that we joined him at Milton Creek Country Park in Sittingbourne. Arriving just before midday, it was already raining, and when Simon arrived, it wasn't long before the heavens opened. So we sat in the car for a while contemplating the weather. Weather apps were suggesting the rain would blow through by about 1:30 pm. Should we stay or should we go. Soon enough Peter arrived, followed by Martin. So we decided to stay and see the weather out. 

The heavy rain stopped, but drizzle and no wind persisted for quite a while afterwards. We were soon to be joined by Barbara and Mike, meanwhile Peter and Simon were trying to fly bird kites, with some success. A little later, the wind picked up sufficiently for rollers to come out, and later still a mini Cody, and several other kites were flown with varying degrees of success under the persistent grey skies. The sun did try to put in an appearance, but if you blinked you would have missed it.

A hardy lot these Kent Kite Flyers you know.