Here we are then at RICV 33 Berck sure Mer. I've probably been attending this event for almost 20 years, originally as a day visitor, then staying for a long weekend, now for almost a full week. I haven't yet got to stay for the whole festival. Here are my first impressions of this year.


It was never going to be a good start. Peter arrived at my house shortly after 4am and we packed the car and headed off to Dover in the rain. After a pleasant enough breakfast on the ferry, the crossing was uneventful, and we arrived in Calais just before 9am. The drive down to Berck was wet. We decided to come down the coast road coming off the motorway at Le Touquet, to avoid the diversion at Rang de Fliers and arrived in Berck at about 10.15. Parking was immediately an issue. The car park we would normally use is reserved for those with passes, and the rest of the spaces were full. Fortunately, as we turned up beside the hotel, someone pulled out of a parking space, so we dived in. RESULT.

Still raining, so we stopped off in the hotel and said hello to Jurgen while having a cup of coffee. Then headed out for a wander int he rain. Surprisingly enough, there were kites in the sky. and they stayed in the sky all day through all of the rain. The winds were very light and the kites (mega rays) must have weighed loads. The rain persisted throughout the day and into the evening, so we had a few beers to keep us warm. Popped in to say hello to Christophe too.



Now that's better. A bright start to the morning, but the wind is much stronger than predicted and the direction is roughly North Eaterly, so coming at an angle offshore, a bit turbulent. As usual we took ourselves to the edge of the giant kite arena, just in time to be bombarded by Peter Lynn's giant single skin serpent. We offered to relaunch it but it had apparently dragged its concrete anchor about 15 feet across the beach so they were going to re-position. We didn't see it in the sky again. Given the strength of the wind we decided to put up a sutton lowform as a lifter and put Peter's fauchi family on the line. It attracted lots of children. Several of the giant kites were really struggling in the blustery and turbulent conditions. Lots of tangles in the arena. We helped out with a couple. Also met a couple from England who we met last year and had a chat with them. Unfortunately the conversation veered towards Brexit! The tide was rushing in so it was time to bring the kites down at about 2pm, and we just about timed it right. The rest of the day was spent wandering around chatting to people.

I'll try to keep you posted on the goings on during the week.