Our last knockings in Berck, and it has been a good one. But the thing I will remember most about Berck this year is the bitter cold. I think we have had cold trips before, but I don't remember it being this cold for the whole festival. But never mind, we are made of strong stuff.


We had a visit from Martin. He drove down at stupid o'clock and met us for breakfast in the hotel before we went out and had a stick kite day on the beach. Peter put up his barong rok and flew a baby fauchi underneath it. Martin flew his french pilot which looked magnificent in the sun and received several appreciative comments. It was a good morning interacting with the public, and chatting with a couple of German kite flyers who were staying in the hotel.



After breaking for lunch the temperature dropped considerably, and we had a couple of heavy rain showers. We took the opportunity to wander along the promenade and see what kites were available. About 5.30 Martin headed off while Peter and I went to warm up with a cold beer in the internet cafe, before finding a very pleasant little bistro for dinner. Lucky or what. We walked in, a couple followed us in, then the "Complet" sign went up. But the beouf bourgignon was excellent.


A frosty start! People were having to scrape ice off cars. Our German friends were leaving today and offered us a couple of beers to remember them by. Well it would be rude to refuse! They are well organised with a fridge in the back of their van. Again on the beach in bright sun flying a variety of stick kites up until lunchtime, then a wander around the town before once again looking for somewhere for dinner. We did go over to the wind garden where we were told that Chris and Tony had been looking for us. Sorry guys we were here, but finding anyone at the weekend would be just about impossible. On the way back we got hijacked by Andrew Beattie to help carry stuff up to his van. Then off to find somewhere for dinner followed by an early night.



Time to say some goodbyes to our hotel staff and hope to see them again next year. Having time to spare we went out for a wander and watched a rescue exercise being carried out just off the coast, as someone was dropped into the water from a helicopter, which circled round for a few minutes, then came back and picked them up. They did this a couple of times. Then, time to leave, so we took a gentle drive up the coast road to Calais before getting the ferry back to dear old blighty.


By the way... Simon, we have your penguin. If you ever wish to see it again, send vast quantities of money!