Laura writes:

It was warm, summers day in April for me and Simon to fly our kites on the south coast of Sussex: Goring on sea.

The flying area was a fantastic site with many dog walkers walking by on the coastal path. The sun was beaming down and the seabreeze was coming through consistently, giving us the ‘go ahead’ to get some kites in the air. By midday we had all our kites out, two stacks and two trilobites spectacularly in the air, standing out in the sky.  We definitely caught the attention of the public eye, people stopping to take photos from all directions. Everyone was so friendly and interested coming up to us and asking question. We sure did promote the club well being in the South! It was a brilliant day out.

Special mention to Andrew Whitman a lovely gentleman in the area who happened to be down taking some brilliant photos of our display: instagram =