Well it looks like most people had other things to do over Easter, but it also looks like Peter had a good day's flying on his own at Palm Bay. These are his words and pictures...

Well KKF had a pleasant Easter Sunday flying kites. The winds were a little on the light side but kites were in the air most of the day.

Peter arrived just before 12 noon having been advised that Malcolm was going to sort out the KKF kite store so he put up his Spirit which flew effortlessly then quickly followed it with his Mantaray. Over the next hour or so the wind dropped a little and Steve messaged Peter to say that his knee was playing up so he would give flying a miss.

Peter put up his 4 M Single Skin which took over from the Spirit closely followed by his Panther Genki.

By 1.30 the Single Skin was fighting to stay in the air so Peter put a VV (Vertical Visuals - Webmaster) Flare up and changed the Genki for his Garuda. Just to finish the day Peter put up his Pheonix and that made seven kites flown; well I guess one man seven kites is not a bad effort!