Conditions were far from perfect at Lydd-on-Sea on Sunday 28th March, but 5 members made the journey to put some colour in the sky and brighten up the clouds.

Simon was first on the scene, shortly followed by Gareth, Mike, Barbara and Peter. We had 2 midi manta rays in the air when the first squall blew through. The first we realised was when the half ton rubble bags acting as ground anchors suddenly started skitting across the beach being dragged by their kites. Quickly rescuing them and adding more gravel to prevent any further activity we were soon secure again. Then the first shower came in.

We then got the third ray in the sky just as the wind became playful again. The rainbow patchwork ray dived out of the sky, whilst the single colour's tail got wrapped in its pilot line and was spinning around in the sky. We quickly had that resolved, but the patchwork stayed on the ground until the squall had passed through. Finally we got the blue patchwork into the sky as conditions settled for a short while. Meanwhile Mike and Barbara were flying a Bernhard Dingwerth crocodile under a flowform pilot, though the pilot was not very happy.

Soon enough we had some colour in the sky as a cuttlefish and penguin were added to the collection. Once again the skies darkened, and the two patchwork rays decided to enjoy each others company for a short while on the ground. Once this quite heavy squall had blown through everything was back in the sky, and a parrot had also been added to the display. We had lots of people stopping to chat and take photographs. Offshore, a rescue helicopter, or possibly air ambulance seemed to be hovering over the beach in the New Romney area. Late afternoon and a sports kite put in a brief appearance, before we brought all the kites down before the threateningskies closed in. And just before we left, a passenger jet climbed out of Lydd airport, though I can't believe it took off from there.