Most members were attending Streatham Common Kite Date. Some of us who couldn't go decided to meet up in Tonbridge park for the afternoon. Four of us braved bright sunshine and light winds to spend an afternoon chatting and flying kites.

Simon had dug a kite out from his store. A two line kite by Revolution Kites and designed by Dodd Gross no less. It seemed rude not to try to fly it, but we quickly established that the bridle was about a mile out. However with that corrected, Simon was able to give it a go. It drove forward nicely and was  able to axel smoothly. Asking Dodd if he remembered the kite, he responded "I remember I was so proud to have rev ask me to design a sport kite for them, and I was very happy with it's design and performance compared to that of our competitors, but they dropped it after only one year because of poor sales to the kite industry who preferred selling Prism"


Meanwhile we had a couple of single line kites in the sky, which settled back to the ground fairly quickly as the breeze, what there was of it, died away. While the kites were on the ground, a group of children came over and asked if they could fly the kites. Explaining that there was no breeze, we suggested they come back when they felt a bit of breeze. Sure enough, a few minutes later, they came back and asked again so were given a kite to play with, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. When they had to leave, they thanked us politely and commented that it was the best part of their afternoon - most rewarding.

 Two kites

Sky Bird

While Mike briefly flew a Breeze, Barbara tried her Shuroken Omega, and set out her lines for her Albatross to make sure they were correct. Everything seemed fine, but in the light breeze the kite wasn't really interested in flying. After Mike and Barbara left us, Simon and I tried to inflate his smiley. It was having none of it, so we attached a dragon pilot and tried again, and we had both kites in the sky for a while, though the breeze was still unreliable. As we brought the kites down, a French lady and her daughter came over for a chat having been attracted by the kites.

 Smiley Dragon

All in all, a pretty good afternoon of flying kites with lots of public interaction.