Those of you who keep a sharp eye on these things will be aware that some of our members put in appearance at Woodchurch village fete with the aim of flying kites. Whilst there was a good turn out of members, the wind never really showed up. But the public did, and chose to use our designated flying area as a carpark, which always makes life difficult. Still those who did go did their best and acquitted themselves well I understand.

Meanwhile, other members attended both days at Brighton. Those who had been at Woodchurch on Saturday went to Brighton on Sunday. Mike reports:

A great weekend, starting with loads of sun on Saturday morning but not much wind. Arena displays went ahead in very difficult wind conditions but made a good fist of it. Wind improved greatly after lunch and there were quite a few kites in the air. Kite flyers fish and chip supper was fun.
Sunday dawned wet but with a better breeze that evaporated as the wet lifted around lunchtime. Afternoon was overcast with very light teasing winds, we didn't fly anything although there were some kites in the air. Met up with the KKF visiting party. 
Was a weekend full of socialising but little kite flying, great fun all the same.