That turned out to be quite a busy weekend kite flying. Whilst some members kept the youngsters, and not so youngsters, entertained bear bunging, Mike, Barbara and Steve were at the Shropshire kite festival hosted by our friends at Skybums. Lets start with a brief update from Mike:

What a wonderful weekend! A festival open to the public but mainly run by kiters (Skybums - Paul & Helene Morgan) for kiters (us!). We had a great time, were made very welcome by everyone. Some we had met previously, some we had not. We met up with my brother Steve during the week and drove there in convoy, camping on the school field in glorious weather. Saturday the wind blew, the festival is, like Teston, famous for little wind. However the sky was full of a wide variety of kites. Very few inflatables although there was a large trilobite, and Elmo flew his ray. Felix Mottram was there with a crew who assembled and flew a variety of very large kites they acquired from a danish kite builder. You know the sort of thing, take all day to put the kite together (literally!) and then struggle to get it in the air watch out for the next Windjammer I hope to have pictures.
Sunday was odder wind wise, quite blustery but we kept getting the kites out whenever there was space and flew most of the kites we had brought with us, but not the inflatables. A few public attended, more than on the Saturday, many asking about the lights in the sky that we flew the previous night. Kites with lights? well most had no idea they existed and were impressed as they could be seen all over the town.
Sunday afternoon was awards time. Medals for everyone who took part in the night fly. The winners of the trophy for "Outstanding contribution to the festival for flying a wide variety kites over the weekend" went to............Kent Kite Flyers. Most unexpected, Barbara collected the trophy on Steve and my behalf to a good round of applause. The trophy for the best display went to Felix Mottram and crew for their amazing Danish kites.
Would we go again? You bet! if we can fit it in we will be there, one of the best weekends we have had kite flying.

So while they were having fun "up north", some of us were kept busy at the annual Brogdale Cherry Festival. Once again we had been asked to go along and parachute teddy bears. The event had been well advertised, and a number of children arrived with their own bears. Of course like good boy scouts, we were prepared with a slection of bears that could be borrowed should a youngster not have brought their own. Often at this event we have spent the day in quiet contemplation as the children fail to turn up, but this time we were kept busy for most of the day. Initially, things didn't look promising, as there was absolutely no wind, but at about 10am (the scheduled start time) sufficient breeze arrived to allow us to launch a brand new Skybums Mega Delta, which stayed in the sky for the rest of the day. On a couple of occasions it needed a little gentle persuasion to stay aloft, but for the most part it performed with distinction. So we spent a busy day parachuting various items of cuddly toys. A couple found their way into the nearby windbreaks, but armed with a sturdy pole we were able to recover them. And one bear decided it wanted to have a go at the archery in the next field. At 4pm the event finished and we slowly packed everything away and headed for home. Thanks to Len, Bill, Peter, Gareth, Malcolm & Debbie and Barry & Janet for helping out. As usual at these events we were collecting donations for the Slideaway charity, which is one we have supported for a couple of years. Thanks to the generosity of parents and guardians on the day, we raised just over £100.

Next weekend there will be a club fly-in on Sunday. Keep an eye on the events to find out where we will be.