Some of you may be aware that Peter ordered a new kite while we were in Berck. If you weren't - Where have you been? He hasn't stopped talking about it!

Whilst we were in Berck we played a bit of hide and Seek with Andrew Beattie. Eventually we met up on the beach as Peter was keen to discuss purchasing a new Andreas ray. Having agreed on a colour scheme, the kite was ordered before we left, with an estimation that delivery would be in about 3 months. Sure enough, almost 3 months to the day, the kite arrived in the UK, and was shipped to Peter after a brief test flight.

It was expected to arrive on Monday, and sure enough it did. Peter and I agreed to meet up today (Thursday) for a test flight. Being a patient soul, he couldn't wait and took the kite out for its first flight on Monday. But we stuck to our plan for meeting up today on the beach at Walmer at lunchtime. Here starts the problem. As I drove in to Walmer, the traffic seemed unusually heavy. It was crawling all the way from the A2 roundabout. Suspecting parking problems, I was surprised to find that the Borrow Pit Carpark was almost empty. The explanation was simple. The car park was closed because that was where the floats would form up for the carnival. Not only was the car park closed, but The Beach (the road not the actual beach) was closed from Granville Road to The Strand. Fortunately we both managed to find parking spaces on Granville Road.

Unfortunately, the promised 14mph winds hadn't arrived. Whilst the breeze did pick up enough to get the kite aloft a couple of times, it was never stable enough to leave unattended. But we did manage to fly it, and received lots of good comments from several of the sun worshippers on the beach. Here are a couple of photos. Nice kite isn't it...

 Peter's new toy - peak a boo

 Peter's new toy

 Peter's new toy