I've just returned from a great weekend at Bognor Regis Kite Festival, and wow it was hot. But given the conditions, I think KKF acquitted themselves admirably. Over the weekend I counted no less than 16 members in attendance, assuming I got my sums right.

The weekend started on Friday afternoon with arrivals. By the time I got there at 2pm, the camping area was already pretty full and there were kites in the air to guide us in. We managed to create a little KKF campsite in the corner. Collin already had a lifter in the air, and I soon had a bunny rabbit flying from it. It was late Saturday afternoon when Peter was alerted to a baby squirrel lying on a path. Being a kindly soul he rescued it, and he and Collin spent the rest of the weekend nursing it. Of course there was much discussion about what should be done with it. Apparently the wildlife and countryside act makes it illegal to release a grey squirrel into the wild, or allow one to escape. By the end of the weekend, the squirrel was feeding well, and I think Sonya had insisted Collin take it home with him.


Saturday started with a light breeze, which steadily increased during the morning, then died away again. It was very hot, but I think all club members managed to fly something during the day. We had much interaction with the public, flying on the edge of, or outside the arena, talking to members of the public and allowing them to fly our kites when conditions were favourable. This is one of the most enjoyable aspects of festivals like this, and the public in Bognor always make us feel so welcome. The evening was rounded off with an excellent ABBA tribute band and a wonderful stint of night flying, possibly one of the best I've seen in the UK.


Sunday and the winds were very light again. It was going to be a struggle. I managed to get one of the club's Chinese Opera Masks flying briefly in the morning. But once again, armed with light wind kites we were able to fly whenever we wanted to. Hydration was very important.


And again on Monday, if possible the winds were lighter still. In fact at the start of the morning it was flat calm, and I couldn't even get a Prism 4d to respond. There were various iflites and variant in the air. But later in the morning the breeze picked up just a little and some light wind kites were able to fly. For most of the day though there was absolutely no hope of flying inflatables and show kites. But as the afternoon drew on the wind picked up enough for Peter's Andreas ray to fly - just. And so the festival drew to a close in good sunshine and good humour. Apparently it is all going to happen again next August bank holiday. Book your camping spaces now, they will go quickly!