On Sunday 6th October a couple of us braved the British weather to fly some kites in Tonbridge. The forecast was pretty dire, with atlantic storms racing in and a yellow warning for rain covering most of the eastern half of the country. That being said, we had heavy overnight rain, but after about 8am, the rain stopped and the day from then on was mainly dry.

Setting out from home at about 1pm I drove straight into a heavy downpour. Was this an omen of things to come? well it was a short sharp downpour and once it had passed through the sun came out, and by the time I parked in Tonbridge the sun was shining. Mike and Barbara were already there and had kites in the air. I soon joined them. The wind was "playful" and the sun warm. We had a couple of people chatting with us. Then at about 2.30pm the skies darkened and before long the heavens opened. We were soon drenched through, and were the only people left on the sports ground. But again, it was a heavy shower and once it had passed, the sun came out and with the brisk breeze we soon dried out.

Mike's Spirit of Air Flotail stayed aloft almost throughout the conditions, eventually getting waterlogged and heavy, as did Barbara's Gomberg power pockite. But they soon dried enough to be relaunched. Meanwhile my shower curtain hexagon had popped a pocket so I had some sewing to do when I got home. Barbara too discovered some repairs required as her crystal had also popped a spar. Armed with needle and thread she sat and effected a temporary repair, enough to give the kite an outing.

Several kites were flown through the afternoon, from various manufacturers, including Gomberg, Skybums and Premier, as well as some home made creations. And a jolly good time was had by all. We had no more showers, but kept a constant eye on the clouds building behind us and circling round to head off towards Tunbridge Wells. Checking the time, it was well past 5 and time to think about heading for home. 

Next weekend is One Sky One World and we will be flying on the green at Woodchurch in celebration of this worldwide event. Come and join us and say hello.