By the time I got there, there were already several kites in the sky, but the outlook was extremely dull and overcast, and sure enough, soon after getting a kite into the sky, the heavens opened. So I hurried back to my car to have some lunch and listen to the rest of the Japan v Scotland match. By the time the game was over, the rain had passed through, and I don't think we were troubled by it again. I wasn't as brave as some, who flew through the downpour.

Despite the weather, we had a pretty good afternoon flying, and were even joined by some local folks who brought out their son's birthday present to fly. I understand the unofficial number of kites flown was 42, but we're awaiting confirmation of the final count.

Next weekend is the Martin Corrie Mermorial Fly in Frinton on Sea, Essex. I know several of our members will be attending that if the weather is favourable. But I expect some may fly locally in Kent somewhere.