Despite the predictions of doom and destruction from the naysayers and ne'er do wells, 4 of us went to the Lade at Lydd-on-Sea on Sunday afternoon to enjoy pleasant sunshine and very light breezes and try to put some kites in the sky. It didn't look too promising on Saturday afternoon. I was in East Sussex, where the powerful wind and driving rain made conditions pretty horrible, but what a difference 24 hours can make.

Arriving at the Lade just after midday, there was no noticable breeze at all. Soon joined by Simon, Peter and Trev I tried to get an 8 metre pilot in the sky. Due to the proximity of Lydd airport, we have to be a little careful with our height. We have previously discussed the situation with the airport managers, who are happy for us to fly here as we are not directly on their approach, but we do mainatin a strict watch on our altitude. At about the thrid time of asking, the pilot inflated and stayed inflated enough to get off the ground and start to climb. Meanwhile Simon had his smiley struggling in the conditions too. And before long Peter and Trev had kites in the sky too. I needed to put some colour on the line so started with a midi cuttlefish. But the wind was only just strong enough and whilst the head and body inflated the tentacles didn't really want to play. A bit later on I swapped the cuttlefish for a trilobite, just as Peter was swapping his smiley for a ray. It was at this point that the gentle breeze departed completely.

So we sat around chatting for a while. Soon enough, having packed most things away, a breeze picked up, so I put up a Skybums mega delta sled which flew very well, and I added some lights to the line in the gathering gloom. But the gloom was a precurser of an incoming shower. Having got well and truly soaked packing everything away, we decided to head for home at about 4:30.




 Trilobite rising from the deep

Mega Sled