A pleasant afternoon flying kites with friends on Sunday afternoon. The weather forecast predicted that Sunday would be the best day of the weekend, and it was, just.

Peter and I arrived at roughly midday on a rather damp and grey day. Although the clouds were low and threatening, thankfully, apart from a few spots, and occasional light drizzle, the rain stayed away. The breeze was strong, but not dangerously so. The wind was playful rather than smooth, and southerly, so offshore. Visibility was remarkably good in the conditions. Whilst Peter flew his smiley inflatable, I started with a sode. Before long we were joined by Mike and Barbara, and the Malcolm came along too. A little later we were joined by Janet. We soon had a few kites in the sky, a couple of which hadn't been flown before. Several people stopped to look on and take photos.

The afternoon finished with some illuminated kites flying in the gathering gloom.