Well we tried our best, but the gods of wind had decided that they had a prior engagement elsewhere. Early in the afternoon, there was sufficient breeze to keep us interested, but it soon died away and left us grounded. But the clear view of the French coast across the channel was lovely.

I had plans to test some new (to me) kites, but, with the wind conditions as they were, it was always going to be a struggle. Peter tried to fly his smiley face, which inflated, climbed, then after a short while, sank back to the ground. Len tried a mega delta, with much the same result. And Mike tried a tri-d, which really didn't want to play, so he switched to a pelican, with much the same result.

I did manage to fly my roller, which had a new spine and bridle and responded well in the light conditions. In the increasing breeze around lunchtime I managed to fly a Vertical Visuals (Jilly Pelham) eddy, which flew very well. As the wind dropped again, I switched to a Robert Brasington delta flew very nicely, but could have used a couple of mph more. I tried a della porta, which really didn't want to know, and a cody war kite, which had about as much intent of flying as Mike's tri-d. So after a couple of hours spent struggling and chatting, we decided to pack up and head for home. 

 A new toy