While the United Kingdom continues to be battered by high winds and torrential rain, we are having to find new ways to entertain ourselves. Fortunately, on Sunday 23rd February, Peter had arranged our 3rd indoor fly at North School, Ashford.

Due to several members suffering from bouts of illness of various sorts, numbers were down on previous years, but 10 of us arrived to fly kites designed to fly in little or no wind. The materials used in construction are specialised, very fine, lightweight carbon fibre rod or tube, and tight weave non-porous materials, like Icarex, or sheet materials such as mylar. This results in a very lightweight kite, and the lack of porosity in the material means that air molecules cannot pass through. Being fairly chilly, the air is much denser than in high summer (or high altitude) which also helps in maintaining boyancy. The kites are also designed to behave more like gliders than traditional kites.

The flying technique is also completely different to flying "normal" kites, much more about controlling slack in the line, and working with the kite to help the kite do what it naturally wants to do, rather than forcing it to do what you want. We had a couple of people who were new to indoor flying, and hopefully, by the end of the day, they had mastered the basics and managed to enjoy their time indoors.

Let's hope the weather calms down a bit for next weekend and we are able to get out in the fresh air again.