On the surface, it may appear that there is no link between the two, but unfortunately for us, we see events all over the world being cancelled, restrticted, acted out behind closed doors, etc. And kite events are no different.

Obviously there is a serious consideration. We have to do whatever we can to limit or restrict the spread of this deadly variant, and if that means events need to be cancelled or re-arranged then that is the price we must pay for the safety of the many. So it is unfortunate, but here is a list of kite related events that I know of that have been cancelled or re-arranged so far.

  • Doha, Quatar (postponed)
  • Al-Farsi festival, Kuwait (cancelled)
  • Cervia, Italy (postponed)
  • Pasir Guidang, Malaysia (cancelled)
  • Weifang, China (cancelled)
  • RICV Berck, France (cancelled)

At the moment Dieppe, France is still going ahead in September, but the situation is continually changing.