Today, I received the following information from BKFA.

BKFA has talked to its insurers about the effects, if any, of the current coronavirus emergency on
our kiteflying insurance policy.

Jerry Swift has produced the attached document and I am sending it round to all member clubs for information.
In essence, it says that kiteflying out of doors is still OK subject the maintenance of a proper distance (2 metres)
between fliers, but indoor activities such as workshops are not OK. All public events should be cancelled but
private and informal events such as fly-ins are permitted subject to the usual precautions and separation.
The document is also available on the website

You can view the document on the BKFA website by following the link.

At Kent Kite Flyers, we rarely fly that close together, and whilst we may stop for a chat, or lunch, or when assisting colleagues, we will normally maintain a safe distance. So we intend to be very british, and keep flying if at all possible through the crisis. We welcome members of the public coming to fly with us, and will do whatever we can to help anyone in difficulty, but would ask that they respect the safe distance.

Meanwhile, sad to report, most kite events up to the end of May are cancelled. Midland Kite Flyers and White Horse Kite Flyers have taken the decision to cancel all club fly-ins until further notice. To see what is on, and what is cancelled, I suggest you take a look at the Kite Calendar, which is the most up-to-date source of information