Well kind of.

It has been a very long time since we have been able to fly together as a group. We are still very aware of social distancing guidance, etc., but are happy to be able to gather in the open again, and add some colour to the sky.

Sunday 14th June saw a group of us gather on the beach at Lydd-on-Sea, near Dungeness. A wide open expanse of pebble beach. I was a little concerned that we would find the area crowded in the warm sunshine and gentle breeze. Whilst there were plenty of people about, there was plenty of space for us to practise our own particular brand of lunacy.

So it was that we spent an afternoon in the sunshine flying kites of all shapes sizes and styles, and chatting to the public, who all seemed pleased to see us.

A few photos are attached to give a flavour of the afternoon. Stay safe everyone, and we'll see you again soon.