Laura writes:

 It was cloudy, windy summers day in July for me, Simon and new members Tony and Sue to fly our kites together on the south coast of Sussex: Goring on sea.

Driving in the car towards Goring on sea with our kites and all our equipment was exciting. As we approached the area, the sky turned dark and gloomy. We thought about turning around, but we couldn’t! We were determined to fly some kites on the beach with newest members Tony and Sue who would meet us there.

 As we arrived at the flying site, Tony and Sue greeted us, thrilled and excited to fly some kites. We walked toward the flying site: the beach. It was a dull day with the beach empty, apart from us Kent Kite flyers members. The seabreeze was coming through consistently, giving us the ‘go ahead’ to get some kites in the air.

 By the late afternoon we had two stacks up with line laundry attached and a trilobite up distantly in the air. The kites became a magnet of attention, with people stopping to take photos from all directions. Everyone was asking lots of questions. We sure did promote the club being in the South of the Country! It was a brilliant day out.