It has been quite a long time since we have been able to fly at Milton Creek, so we were glad to be back there today, and blessed with warm sunshine and a strong, blustery breeze. A good turn out from club members new and old meant we were able to put some colour into the sky.

Arriving at about midday, I found a queue waiting for me at the gates. Unfortunately we had a slight issue with opening the outer set of gates. Put it down to my pudgy fingers! Fortunately Laura has much smaller hands and was able to unlock the gates for us. So having gained access to the site we were able to park and get down to the serious business of kite flying. A steady flow of members came to join us during the afternoon, and we were also lucky to have a pretty constant flow of people coming to admire our kites, fly their own and even fly some of ours. The wind was a bit playful at times, and during the afternoon, a number of kites got tangled, or flew into the ground, or in a lull, simply drifted down. But none were damaged by the experience and all were quickly back flying again. Thanks to Barbara and Mike for helping to unravel the dragon and thanks to all who came along to fly kites and say hello.

Next week, Walmer I believe.