And we were - wild about Capstone that is.

We had been invited to take part in the Wild About Capstone, event: a one day event promoting country skills and sustainability. We were to provide a kite flying backdrop.

This iteration was slightly different to previous Kites over Capstone events, for a start, it was no longer being organised by the Medway Council events team. Also, it was a much smaller event aimed at seeing whether it would be a success. Well from our point of view, it was. In previous years we have been in the part of the field under the trees, but this year, we were in the more open part of the field, where the hovercraft used to be. The wind direction was favourable, which meant we were able to have kites in the sky all day long. Despite a lack of wind from home, and having negotiated around the various queues at petrol stations, we arrived between 9:30 and 10. A few were unable to make it unfortunately, but the rest of us soon had kites in the sky. 

The wind was pretty steady throughout the day, though there were a couple of lulls, one of which dumped a lifter into the top of a tree, fortunately it was removed fairly easily, and was soon back in the sky, and appeared to be undamaged. Other than that, the afternoon was incident free. From the feedback I've picked up, the event was deemed a success and our contribution was enjoyed, so hopefully it will take place again next year, and we will be invited back.