We finally managed to get out and fly some kites! The weather for most of December has been decidedly uncooperative. It has gone through just about every type of weather that has been unconducive to kite flying, ranging from high winds, to no winds, fog, light rain and occasional downpour. Whilst we wanted to fly between Christmas and New year, we were completely defeated. But New Years day gave us the opportunity to get out and put some colour into the sky.

Our venue was Walmer, on the beach behind the borrow pit carpark. Whist the winds were strong and blustery, we all managed to fly something during the afternoon. Some new items were on display, but we had to be careful because of the strong winds. Most of them had been acquired from Rob Brixton, ex kite flyer, who was selling off most of his collection There were a lot of people about out walking, as testified by the full carparks and on street parking. The occasional sunshine kept us warm and we had some pleasing comments from the passing public.

Next weekend, we plan to try again at Walmer.