Well it has been a while, and has been quite a strange start to the year. We have had a couple of good flying days in the first 4 months, but we have had just as many days blighted by rain or lack of wind or far too much wind. Enthusiasm for standing out in the cold freezing aging bones seems to be waning somewhat, although that being said, a couple of our members regularly meet up at Palm Bay (Cliftonville) for a fly on top of the cliffs. Usually on a Thursday afternoon I believe.

We now have two spectacular dragons in the club, a green one called Lloyd (I'm not sure why, you will have to ask his human - Steve) and a red one called Puff (with due deference to Peter, Paul and Mary, for those of a certain age). Meanwhile, Rob Brixton from Essex was selling off much of his kite collection to raise funds to live on. As a result, we now also have a blue meanie and a red devil in the club, and the club also decided to buy Rob's igloo, polar bears and seal cubs. I'm sure they will add impact to any events they attend.

Not only have we been struggling with the weather conditions, but in early April, P & O decided to sack 800 sea faring staff from their ferry operations. This resulted in the cessation of P & O crossings from Dover resulting in traffic chaos in the county, as Operation Brock, and Dover Tap were quickly overwhelmed and turned back into operation Stack. This effectively made the M20 corridor a no go area for several weeks. We did manage to hold the AGM at Challock, and fly some kites briefly on the cricket ground adjacent to the village hall. It is a nice hall and area, so maybe we could use that again for indoor events.

A few of us met up for a fly on Easter Sunday on the sports ground in Tonbridge. Our first fly inland for some time, and a chance to catch up with some members we haven't seen for a while. It was a pleasant afternoon, though the wind was a little playful, but we did get the chance to experiment with some bits and pieces.

As I'm writing this, my thoughts are turning to Berck RICV next week. 10 members are attending that I know of. We're hoping for some good flying weather. The organisation is different this year. Gerard Clement who organised the event for many years has decided to step away, due to a disagreement with the Mayor over the dates. So R-Sky have taken over the organisation. I know a lot of traditional attendees are attending Cervia instead, so we will have to wait and see the impact on the event. It could be that fresh ideas bring a refresh to the event, or it could be otherwise. I will try and post at sometime from Berck, hotel wifi permitting.